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00:12 - Richard Louv Intro 

02:35 - At High Stakes 

07:24 - Friluftsliv - Nordic Outdoor Life and Education

19:25 - Forest Kindergarten 

28:15 - Udeskole / Worldschooling - Danish Perspectives

33:02 - Teaching Out - Norwegian Perspectives

40:29 - The Head, The Heart, and The Hand - Whole Body Learning

47:34 - Natural Playscapes - Denmark and Sweden

53:22 - Adventure Playgrounds

1:00:39 - Nordic Risk and Trust in Play

1:08:45 - MisEducation Defense

1:11:23 - A Nature Rich Future

1:17:46 - End Credits

Come with us on an inspiring Nordic journey in a cinematic portrait of childhood, education and play. "NaturePlay Take Childhood Back" film now available to Universities. The 81 min film is CHAPTERIZED so each subject in the film can be inserted into current coursework with ease. Guest lectures by the Filmmakers are also available. For speaker fees please email

For University purchases you get to keep the media, add it to your library system and have unlimited classroom and PPR (public performance rights Aka SCREENING rights) on your campus. A Digital Site License option is also available to be hosted on your password-protected system. It is a typical media purchase for Educational but we have made it lifetime as a bonus and to widen the scope of impact through coursework and student involvement.

Review from Video Librarian
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