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NaturePlay - Take Childhood Back Reviews:

“A thought provoking, award winning documentary, this is highly recommended.”
3 ½ stars (out of 4) 
Video Librarian

"NaturePlay Film reveals Scandinavia's amazing nature based education system"

"...this film is making me think, and rethink, everything that I know, and have known, about education and nature."

"Parents and educators will find in this documentary the inspiration and knowledge that will enhance the work they do with children. "  Green Teacher

"Interspersed with.. some of play and education’s biggest thinkers, let’s not forget to mention how stunning the backdrop for this film is. BUT don’t get distracted by it – NaturePlay – Take Childhood Back’s biggest impact will be on your thinking."

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"I have wished that there was a film that I could put in the hands of those who don’t “get” it, and just ask them to watch it. Well, now there is one! In NaturePlay"

"...seeing this film has made me more aware of the underlying issues and that as a parent, we need to be our kids’ voices. "

"...suggesting a call to action...more recess, more instruction out in nature, more school gardens, more playgrounds with natural materials, and more freedom for children to explore their interests."

"Stilling’s film, which has so far earned seven international awards, not only illustrates how nature-based education works, but reflects on its merits as well."

From Denmark:
From Brazil:

"..outdoor schools are a great way to learn several different themes and play while learning, so it's very motivating"

From Turkey:
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